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Our traditional cuisine

Cavaliere ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana
Serafini Sig. Giorgio
Data del conferimento: 19-06-1998
Di iniziativa del Presidente della Republica
All dishes we serve are prepared without additives, preservatives or artificial colors, with raw materials of the highest quality.

The salads are prepared at the moment with fresh vegetables from the garden of Calafell and agricultural land owned restaurant located in El Vendrell.

The extra virgin olive oil comes from les Borges Blanques (Lleida) and from the restaurant's property with olives DOC Siurana.

Salted anchovies come from the Bay of Biscay and are prepared by the restaurant.

All fresh pasta is made by us with fresh eggs, stuffed with fresh vegetables and meat Vedellona, ​​if any.

The meat used is Vedellona de Catalunya maximum of 12 months.

All the seafood is fresh, comes from Calafell Beach, and Llotja de Vilanova.

Wild salmon is smoked by us with wood and selected fruits.

The pizzas and bread are made to order, with fresh natural yeast dough, not frozen or precooked, we do 2 times a day, and bake in our natural stone oven.

All desserts, ice creams and sorbets are prepared by the restaurant.

Cafes (natural and decaffeinated, Arabic 100%) and tea, are prepared with bottled water.

And for over 40 years, a pioneer in Spain of the white and black truffle.


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